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Water Heaters Repair

With your ever-reliable water heater, you shower with hot water, wash your dishes and even do the laundry. This makes water heater an important part of our everyday life, so, when it develops an issue, it calls for immediate attention. Water heaters can be a gas or an electricity water heater. Irrespective of the type of water heater you have in your home, the following parts are common to the two types.

Parts of Water Heaters and their Purposes

  • Anode Rod prevents water heater from rusting.
  • Thermostat is used to adjust and maintain the temperature in the tank. For gas water heater, it part of the gas valve but the electric water heater has two thermostats, the upper and the lower thermostat.
  • Temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve relieves the pressure build-up by your water heater.
  • Dip Tube directs cold water to the bottom of the water heater tank.
  • Drain valve flushes the tank to drain the hot water heater.

Common Issues with Water Heaters

  1. Water Leaks

Water leaking from your water heater might be due to loose drain valves or leaky pipes. Check if the drain valve is loose and tighten it. You can then check if your T&P valve is not damaged, if it is, it needs to be replaced. You may tighten the drain valve by yourself but contact a professional to replace a defective T&P valve.

  1. Smelly or Discolored Water

Good water is said to be colorless and odorless but what happens when your hot water is smelly and/or colored. Bad odor might be coming directly from the water source or it could because the anode rod is rusty. Rusty anode rod can make water smell or discolor. The minerals in the water might also be the cause of the discoloring. Flush the hot water tank or call a plumber to replace a defective anode rod.

  1. Temperature Issue

Issues with water heater temperature might be because your water heater is not hot at all, it is not hot enough or it is too hot. If the water from your gas water heater is not hot at all, adjust the pilot light setting. Check the electricity connection to the water heater for electric water heater. A broken dip tube might make the water not to heat properly and the thermostat issue might be the cause of a water heater producing scalding hot water. Call a professional to replace your dip tube.

  1. Noisy Heater

The noise your water heater makes will determine what its problem is and how to tackle it. If your water heater is making a gurgling sound, the solution is to drain the tank and clean out the sludge or sediment. You can do this yourself. A water heater that makes a heating noise is dangerous and requires the attention of a professional immediately.

Carrying out a repair of hot water requires some levels of finesse and expertise, which only a professional plumber can deliver. Get in touch with us today and safe yourself precious time and money.

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