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Water Filtration Repairs

Even if you won’t pay attention to any other faulty plumbing works in your commercial building. You cannot leave things to chance as fat as the water coming into you building is concerned. Before water reaches your building from the source, it would have been exposed to different forms of contaminants in form of chemicals, rusts, minerals and many others. By putting your water filtration in check, the health of everyone using the water is taken care of.

Common Issues with Water Filtration Systems That Requires Professionals

  • Sediments and Mineral Build-Up

Rights from the water source, sediments and minerals are pumped out. The water filtration system prevents them from being used. However, this unneeded dirt’s cannot be returned to the source. It houses itself in your water filtration system and this builds up after a while to clog the system.

  • Uncontrolled Chemical Flow

For commercial utilization, the water quality should not be compromised. Due to human or machine error, high level of chlorine and fluoride can be found in the water. In this scenario, your water filtration system should be strong enough to prevent this from being used. If it is unable to limit the in-flow of these chemicals, please call us to kook into your systems.

  • Hardwater, Odor and Aftertaste

We have to be called to repair your water filtration systems if you have issues of hardwater which can affect your business. For instance, if you run a Laundromat, it will affect the look of the cloths. If it’s a food business, the taste of the water will be evidence in the food.

Parts of Water Filtration That We Handle

1. We deal with water softener in the event of hardwater, odor and aftertaste.

2. Ice Maker filter to ensure the quality water is supplied to your icemaker.

Not everyone can handle repairing a water filtration except our professionals who from the taste of water can determine what is to be done about your water filtration system.

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