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Updated average cost for Plumbing


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Cost Estimation Guide

Updated and Current Plumbing Work Cost Guide

When it comes to plumbing, the bunch of the expenses will be suck up by labor charge. To hire a professional, expert and experienced plumber that understands the job you’ll be coughing out between $175 to $450. Expect to be charged between $45 to $200 per hour. There’s a rule of thumb when it comes to plumbing repair; the more difficult, involved and the need to get thing torn down, the more $$$ you are likely to pay. This guide is divided into two; repair cost and replacement cost. Usually, a repair may be expected to be carried out and there is a need for replacement also.

Plumbing Repair Guide

For this guide, we’ll start from basic plumbing repairs to the most difficult one. This will help you understand the reason for the cost of each repair

1. Clogged Sink, Toilet, Disposal and Bathtub

This is usually the most common plumbing problem you’ll encounter. Despite being common, it doesn’t come cheap. Don’t be overly worried about the blocked drains, it’s not something serious. You will spend not less than $200 to create a pathway for your clogged plumbing ways. This guide considers the type of drains and reason for the blockage.

Just known that you are the cause of the clogging, it deals with the non-liquid dirt’s that goes through the drains. Avoid stuffing you drains, with grease, celery, meat or any other starchy foods. Control the frequency of hot water into the drains also. When you notice your drain is clogged, the first action is to plunge. If you don’t see it working after a few tries, don’t stress yourself further, it’s beyond what you can handle, call a professional plumber.

2. Leaking or Burst Water Pipe

Depending on the location, you might be seeing unusual water marks, that’s a sign of a leaking water somewhere. Be ready to spend between $150 to $350 to get the leaking or burst pipe fixed. To detect the leak locations might set you back another $100.

Please note that all this is not inclusive of the wall repair after fixing the leaking. You may be going between $250 to $750 for drywalls repairs depending on where it is detected.

For burst pipes, this make take up to $1000 to $4000 in repairs, this is a whole sum for water damage cleanup and the repairs. For frozen pipes, there may be a need to heating or insulation of your home.

3. Main Line Leak

This may range from $300 to $4000 depending on where the leakages is coming from, or whether it’ll take a repair or a replacement. When it’s a replacement, the average value will be $750 and for a replacement, you will be looking at $1500 considering the length, depth, location or government approval needed.

4. Gas and Water Leak Repair

Gas repairs will cost you more than a water leak. Don’t try to look at the cost of a gas leak using the idea of water leak. Usually, an average of $250 to $750 is a fair amount.

5. Sewer and Septic Repair

This job is usually done in a hurry, there’s a no time to spare as the smell is becoming a environmental pollution thingy or you are not able to use the toilet at all. These two scenarios is not palatable.

The repair may be a simple as a clog or a total pipe replacement. For septic main line repairs, cost may run as much as $2500, fresh install of sewer line; $3000 and sewer line cleaning as low as $300. For a new septic system, you should spent not less than $5,500, repairs on septic may cost you $1,500, and pumping a septic as low as $400.

When having septic issues, do all you can to keep you and your family away from there. You should also know that failure to rectify it may lead to contamination of both surface and ground water.

6. Toilet Repair

Depending on what needs to be repaired in your toilet, budget between the range of $140 and $300.

7. Fixing Water Heater

There are issues that are common to every water heater; thermostats, control valve, heating elements, thermocouples, anode rods and dirty tank. These are specific problems that can affect the flow and the heating of your water heater. Each of these problems may set you back in the range of $550. A combination of two or more problems may be detected during inspection and this may lead to additional cost.

8. Sump Pump Repair

Don’t ever leave your sump pump unrepaired, no one knows when flooding will happen. You may see repair cost running between $300 to $750 while fresh installation of a sump pump may cost between $600 to $1800.

You should know that submersible and pedestal sump pump will have different cost of repair and replacement. It’s only when a professional plumber visit your basement before knowing whether your sump pump is functional, needs repair or replacement.

9. Pipe in The Ceiling Repair

This is often a nightmare for all professional plumbers, but you are the one that will bear the cost. If it’s a serious plumbing issue, there might be a need to cut into walls and total replacement of pipes. Be ready to spend an average of $675 to fix ceiling plumbing repairs. Aside the repair fee, be ready to spend additional fee on whatever damage done to the wall or the ceiling itself. That is an additional construction cost outside the plumbers’ fee.


Plumbing Replacement Guide

When it to comes to replacement, it often comes at a higher cost than plumbing repairs. Usually, the cost is highly dependent on the project involved. You may set out to carry out a repair and upon arrival, the plumbing professional may suggest as the only alternative. Plumbing replacement will cost between $350 to $2,000.

It doesn’t matter if its replacement or repair, expect a plumber to charge you between $45 to $150 per hour depending on the level of difficulty of the job. It may also come with a minimum, a trip fee for getting the right fixtures needs and often, a higher first hour charge.

Let’s do a quick cost assessment of what you are likely to pay for every fixture replaced by a plumber;

What you are likely to find yourself replacing often is usually the toilet, the sinks and the faucets.

For a toilet, depending on where you are working on, the type and of course, the brand involved, expect to cough out at least $200 to $525, it may also be a factor the replacement time involved. For a new faucet, it will cost you between $150 to $350 but it could be lower if you are carrying out the replacement along with the sink. If you are replacing the sink, it will cost between $200 to $525. It’s all a factor of style, brand and where you are installing, either in the kitchen or bathroom.

1. Water Pressure Regulator

The average parts of a water pressure regulator cost not less than $50. Which is why you may spend between $250 and $350 including labor cost. Usually, a plumber regardless of speed and experience will spend not less than 3 hours carrying out the replacement. That means, a bunch of the cost will be labor charge. If you are wondering why you need to replace your water pressure regulator. It functions as a regulator of water running from the main line into your home. If the surge isn’t controlled, your home either be flooded or the pipes damaged.

2. P. Trap Replacement

P.Trap is one of the requirement of building codes, this is to prevent sewer gasses from escaping into your home. It is also called sing trap. You will spend between $200 to $325 to replace the P.Trap. Don’t expect a similar price between urban and rural areas due to the cost of living. You cannot do without a P.Trap in your home as you’ll be contravening building code.

3. Main Water Shut Off Valve

This is a crucial element and requirement of the building code. It’s the first step to correcting any plumbing issue in the home, shutting the main water valve. You’ll spend between $175 to $250 for the main water shit off valve replacement and a good amount goes into labour charge. The valve itself cost less than $25 averagely.

4. Bathtub and Shower Installation

Let’s start with the shower which is usually on the high side than a bathtub. Usually, showers can either be in fiberglass, tile, glass, and acrylic. It can also be a combination or mixture of these materials. This is often why you may spend as high as $1,200 to $5,500 for a shower tub installation. A bathtub on the other hand is determined by the type and the effects that comes with it, you may spend between $1000 to $5,000 for a new bathtub. Lastly, tub or shower liners may gulp as high as $1,500 to $4,000. Whichever of these options you settle for, you can get a better bargain from your general contractor.

5. Water/Gas Holding Tanks

Replacing your water or gas holding tank will cost you between $1,500 to $2,400. Even if you just want to remove the holding tank, it will cost you not less than $500 to $1,350. These prices are determined by the efforts, time and of course, the type of holding tanks you are considering. It’s best if you ask the right questions on which best suit your needs.

6. Plumbing Stack Replacement

This is not usually a common occurrence as steel, brass or cast iron stacks may last between 70 to 100 years depending on the maintenance culture. While the PVC stacks may be used for between 30 to 40 years. Despite the uncommon nature of plumbing stack replacement, you’ll spend $1,500 to $4,000. It’s usually cheaper when you go with the PVC stacks but the length of use is often a disadvantage.

7. Water Heater Installation

Those cold winter mornings, the water heather is always the lifesaver. If you don’t have one, you will have to get one and choose between the standard, tankless or solar water heaters. For a standard water heater installation, it’ll gulp between $750 to $1,400 or more, depending on the level of efficiency. For the solar water heater, it cost between $2,000 to $5,200 due to the use of a renewable energy cost. Lastly, a tankless water heater will cost you $1000 to $1,800 to install.

8. Well Pump Installation

For a new installation or replacement, you should be looking at $1500 while the repairs may go for not less than half the value at $800. A well pump installation cost is hugely determined by the type, brand and horse power. You cannot get a submersible, jet, solar or hand pump at the same cost.

Entire Building Plumbing Cost Calculator

Of course, the plumbing cost will be determined by the size of your number, the number of bathrooms, and the brand of fixtures to be used. For example, to carrying out plumbing in a 2,300 square foot home with no less than 2 baths, you’ll cough out between $11,500 to $14,500 in plumbing costs. New pipes alone will gulp not less than $1,000.

For an entire building plumbing works, you’ll need the services, expertise and experience of plumbing contractors. They are the ones who are involved in major plumbing works and renovations. Often, they have insurance and belong to a professional organization along with a certification.

Plumbing Inspection Charges

When purchasing a new home or about to renovate an existing one, a plumbing inspector even though not a requirement, provides you with the rest of mind you need. Plumbing inspectors based on location charge an average of $165. However, you can get a lesser discount when it’s done along with other important parts of the house. Let’s say you’ll do a full building inspection for $250 to $500 as a total bundle.

Rerouting Plumbing Charges

For just a single line plumbing rerouting, we may be looking at between $650 to $800. This value is determined hugely by the length of the rerouting and the accessibility of the lines. For example, a line in a slab will cost lesser than one buried deeply under inches of concrete in the basement. You’ll know the best value by requesting for bids and quotation from multiple plumbing contractors.

Plumbing Cost Tips and Tricks

Being able to save cost does not imply you are trying to compromise on quality. It just simply means you are getting the best value from each buck. Saving cost can mean you hired the best hands for the job and you won’t be carrying out expensive renovations and repairs in the future. With the following tips, you’ll be finding the best plumber, making the right cost decision and clearing out of your way things that can turn your toilets or bathrooms to a mess.

  • Do It All At Once: This doesn’t mean you should leave a leaking sink till when something else is faulty. What it implies is that in the event that you have a number of repairs, negotiate it all at once. No need to repair individually when you get it all consolidated and fixed.
  • Lowest Bids Isn’t Always The Cheapest: when you request for bids, don’t be wowed by the plumbing contractor with the lowest hourly rate. You’ll be paying for other things other than labour when you follow this path. You’ll start seeing thing other contractors won’t charge for. Most of the extra fees are not usually anticipated.
  • Get It In Writing: whatever cost you’ll be settling for, don’t go about it with a gentleman’s agreement. With a written agreement, you’re ahead of any smart one the contractor may be trying to play. Everything must be in black and white.
  • Go For Only Licensed Plumbers

Nothing beats experience, expertise and knowledge. You should be aware that not all plumbing contractors have licensed and trained plumbers on their pay roll. A licensed plumber will show up ready to diagnose the root cause with their micro-cameras and techy tools other than a wrench. Licensed professional plumbers always warranty their works. That’s a peace of mind on it own.

  • There’s Usually First Hour and Trip Fees

Just for showing up, most plumbers charge higher for the first hours. This fees can shoot up your plumbing cost higher than you would have projected.

  • A Number of Factor Cost

The quality of the fixture, the difficulty, accessibility, quantity and location may affect the cost. The period the work is to be done also have an effect on plumbing cost.

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